$ 2.5 million to prevent drowning

2,5 millions $ pour prévenir les noyades

Québec is experiencing a summer season very dark with already 35 drowning by 2020. The key to avoidance is prevention. On Wednesday, the quebec government has announced an investment of $ 2.5 million for this purpose.

The lifesaving Society of Quebec and the Fonds Raphael Bernier will be using this sum so that a maximum of pupils in primary and secondary school have access to programs Swim to survive and Swim to survive Plus.

Flanked by the patron of honour for these programs, Sylvie Bernier, and director general of société de sauvetage, Raynald Hawkins, the minister of Sport, Isabelle Charest, hope that this investment will reduce the number of drownings in Quebec significantly over the next few years.

“In the past weeks, the drownings were more numerous than usual, she recognized. The popularity of recreational activities and sports related to the water is undeniable.

“This enhancement of the financial assistance will enable a greater number of young people to participate in the programs. This experience will raise awareness of the risks of drowning, and they will develop skills in case of unexpected fall into deep water. “

Godmother emotional

Sylvie Bernier is affected closely by the about drowning. It remembers she saw his nephew drowning in his eyes during a ride in a canoe. She delivered the keynote speech, emotional, Wednesday.

“On the 24th of July, it will be 18 years that my family and I have been helpless witnesses to the drowning of my nephew, Raphael, she said, with tremolos in the voice. It is a small ride of a canoe that has gone wrong. At this time, it was 5 years old.

“It is strange because I have lived the most beautiful and the most dramatic of my life in the water. It took me 17 years before returning to the positive to this story. “

The medallist of the olympic Games of Los Angeles has a dream that she wanted to share.

“I am a grand-mom since little. When my granddaughter will be 8 years old, I would love to see that 94 000 children have received a course of the program, Swim to survive so that they can enjoy the water safely. “

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