20 of the 29 managers replaced: a large household to the Société des traversiers

20 des 29 gestionnaires remplacés: un grand ménage à la Société des traversiers

Become notorious with the saga of the NM F.-A.-Gauthier, the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) has changed, ensures that its CEO, Stéphane Lafaut, who has given a serious blow to bar by laying off or reassigning three-quarters of its managers.

“STQ that you see now is not the same STQ than a year ago, a year and a half: it is elsewhere, it is change,” insisted the ex-brigadier general who served in places such as Afghanistan, during a long interview granted to our parliamentary Bureau.

Since his arrival, the implementation of a transformation plan “fairly aggressive” resulted in the departure or reassignment of three-quarters of the managers of the STQ, told Mr. Lafaut.

Of the 29 members of its management team, we found 20 new, at least six have taken the path of retirement, of which some have left earlier than expected.

For him, the adventure began on January 31, 2019, when the minister of Transport entrusted to it by the executive officer, after having fired the CEO, François Bertrand.

Nothing more was going to, especially with the NM F.-A.-Gauthier, this ferry Italian brand new paid $ 175 million, which has been taken out of service because of major damage to the propellers in December 2018. It will have to wait over a year before bringing it back to the wharf in Matane.

The NM F-A-Gauthier in dry-dock at Levis, in July last.

Purchase emergency of the old Apollo like ship temporary will only make things worse: after two accidents in two months, the boat cinquantenaire was already good for the case.

Mr. Lafaut remember the “fatigue” and “frustration” observed soon after her arrival in post. “The team was in shock,” he recalls. “It was just a crisis in crisis”, he summarized.

The State of health of the organization

Lack of resources and a disconnect between the office staff and one of the ties are among its findings.

A warrant was then entrusted to the firm Raymond Chabot to achieve an organizational diagnosis.

For Mr. Lafaut, the future of the UTQ, he wants to transform into a society of “modern”, will, among others, by a better planning of the projects.

Future ships

Often called in as a reinforcement to The Isle-aux-Coudres, NM Radisson, the construction of which dates back to 1954, must be replaced soon.

Then, the vessels of the ties on the Québec-Lévis and Sorel-Tracy will arrive at the end of their useful life by ten years.

Mr. Lafaut dream of a new ” family of ships “, possibly electrical, the construction of which could become an opportunity to participate in the economic recovery.

It touch wood that everything continues to go well in Matane with the F. A.-Gauthier, who since his return in January, is powered only by fuel oil. The fitness function of the system at the LNG risk to wait a little. This saga will serve as a lesson.

“We, to the STQ, you don’t have the leisure to make the experiment. If the ship arrives here, it must be technologies that are proven,” warns Dr. Lafaut.

What impact will the 3rd link between Quebec city and Lévis?

The possible arrival of the third link is likely to transform the traverse Québec–Lévis, whose route is located in the same axis.

“The arrival of the third link will bring another dynamic,” said the CEO of the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ), Stéphane Lafaut.

“What’s going to be like the traverse Québec-Lévis, it is necessary that we ask questions,” he added.

“Me, I think that there is a need between Quebec city and Lévis. I don’t know where the third link will finally enter, leave and all that. But it has a customer base of parliament hill, and all that, people bicycle or on foot,” he recalled.

New frequency?

But the CEO of STQ, which participates in meetings with the project Office on the third link, intends, however, to make changes to the service currently available.

“We are going to cross what? How often? What is it means exactly? […] It is necessary to ask questions, observed Mr. Lafaut. It must be that they are working on now.”

The government caquiste, which is committed to a first shovelful of earth in 2022, now reserves an important place in transit with the new version of the third link.

One lane of traffic in each direction is also in the plans, which would reduce the number of vehicles passing through it.

7 problems identified within the STQ

  1. Lack of staff is obvious
  2. Deficient planning
  3. Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities
  4. Working in silos is ubiquitous
  5. Supply management to improve
  6. Need to better focus the action of the STQ with the direction of the government
  7. Need to deploy a better marketing approach
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