20 weird and amazing facts about Iceland

If you are going on a trip to Iceland. you will be interested to learn something about this country.

20 дивних і приголомшливих фактів про Ісландію

In Reykjavik is the penis Museum. It contains a collection of over 200 penises of various mammals, including the human body.

Icelandic children are left on the street to take a NAP in the cold. It is not uncommon when the child is asleep in the stroller on the street while parents drink coffee in a cafe. Or you can see how the baby is sleeping in the yard, regardless of the season.

Iceland – a nation of book worms. The Icelandic language even has a word jólabókaflóð, which means Christmas book flood. This refers to a large number of books published before Christmas, and books are popular Christmas gifts.

Beer was banned in Iceland until 1989.

Aliingi, the Icelandic Parliament was founded in 930 and is the oldest in the world.

Icelanders like to eat ice cream, although temperatures in the country often significantly below zero.

Icelanders are not less like swimming pools and outdoor hot baths in severe frosts. The country has many reservoirs with geothermal water, which is constantly warm and great for relaxing.

20 дивних і приголомшливих фактів про Ісландію

In Iceland every few years there is the eruption of volcanoes. Most of the volcanoes are small and are an interesting sight for tourists.

Almost all of the heating needs and energy of Iceland is provided by hydropower and geothermal water reserves.

In Iceland there are no mosquitoes. And generally there are very few insects..

Comedian Jon Gnarr was elected mayor of Reykjavik in 2010 and has worked in this position for 4 years. One of his campaign promises was the failure of any campaign promises.

Arktyczna Fox is the only mammal that occurs from Iceland.

The capital of Iceland Reykjavik is the most Northern city of any sovereign state in the world. Although in reality there is not that cold. The average January temperature in Reykjavik is about the same as in new York.

Icelanders do not have surnames in the traditional sense. The vast majority of Icelandic surnames indicate that you are a son or daughter of your father. The names are almost always used when referring to someone, no matter how formal the meeting is. Even in the phone book, the subscribers are displayed by name.

20 дивних і приголомшливих фактів про Ісландію

Read more about names. There are strict laws about what names allowed in Iceland, the thing is to keep the Icelandic language. All the names that were not previously used, be submitted for review in the Icelandic Committee of names or allows them, if they comply with the law on Icelandic names, or rejects them, forcing parents to find other name for your child.

Icelandic police do not have weapons. In the entire history of the police did not shoot a single person.

The English word “geyser” comes from the name of the great thermal reservoir of Geysir in Haukadalur, South Iceland.

Iceland was only one war, and it hardly can be called a war. The name of this event: Þorskastríðið, the Cold war, it was a dispute between Iceland and Britain over fishing grounds in the 1960-ies and 70-ies.

Iceland, like many other European countries, burned witches at the stake in the 17th century. But witches in Iceland were predominantly male.

Iceland has no railway system, informs Rus.Media.