2019 holiday weekend: how many days will the rest of the Ukrainians

A complete list of holiday weekends for the year.

Святкові вихідні 2019: скільки днів будуть відпочивати українці

Many Ukrainians are planning ahead your vacation and weekends, especially for the may holidays. How many official weekend in may?

In 2019 Ukraine will be 12 extra days off in connection with holidays, 2 of them we have already done in January – New year and Christmas, and the rest will be celebrating throughout the year. How much output will the Ukrainians in may and you can plan long journeys?

Святкові вихідні 2019: скільки днів будуть відпочивати українці

Traditionally, in Ukraine in may will be two additional weekends may 1 – Labour Day, which falls on Wednesday and may 9 – victory Day – Thursday. Since the holidays fall on Wednesday and Thursday, no shifts working days and thus a long weekend will not. We will remind that last year on may 2 is no longer a public holiday, so the output will not be, informs Rus.Media.

In 2019 the may holidays will not be long, so plan a vacation or even a weekend will not work, but you can go on a family picnic.

In may, Ukrainians will be 21 working days and 10 weekend.

What other weekend are waiting for Ukrainians in 2019 in connection with the holidays?

Святкові вихідні 2019: скільки днів будуть відпочивати українці

  • 1 January – New year;
  • January 7 – Christmas;
  • March 8 – international women’s day;
  • 28 April – Easter (Easter);
  • 1 may – labour Day;
  • May 9 – victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war;
  • June 16 – Trinity;
  • June 28 – Constitution Day of Ukraine;
  • August 24 – independence Day;
  • October 14 – the Day of defender of Ukraine;
  • December 15 – the Day of spiritual unity;
  • 25 December – Catholic Christmas.

In 2019 because of the holidays that fall on a weekend, there will be only three more weekends: Easter (the day off is transferred to Monday 29 April); Pentecost (postponed to Monday 17 June); and Ukrainian independence Day (postponed to Monday August 26).