2019 trend: bright coats in a cage

Some nuances in the selection, which will help to make the image with a coat in a cage even more stylish.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

Our favorite cage finally to outerwear. So, plaid coats are sewn for a long time. But all this time was dominated by only basic and neutral colors. And in season 2019, the designers decided to treat you with brightness and variety. Practically all the fashion houses in their autumn-winter collections of models dressed in colorful coat – and now this hot trend, informs Rus.Media.

So, the choice you have is the greatest. About him and talk.

Maxi and not only

Best length for a bright, fun top – Maxi. Your coat will perfectly reveal their originality. And long the top will always fit on the figure. If the amount of oversized, your image becomes super-stylish. But shorter styles will actually look like. Just with them you have to spend more time on the right bottom and accessories.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

Such a different cage

The cell size on the coat can also be different. And variants here are many. If you are tall and slim, quietly focus on your taste and preferences. If you want to visually add growth, or pulling the silhouette, play with small cage. But the major pattern will only add volume and will eat a couple of centimeters. Another tip: a plaid coat with a more pronounced vertical stripes will make you higher.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

Accessories in color

Bright colors plus cage make your coat the Central part of the image. Don’t let an additional detail to take away his championship. This can go in your favor. Bag, belt, scarf and other accessories choose from a neutral palette or one of the colors under a coat.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

Not only pants

Although with them you want to combine your coat. Colorful and fashionable styles of top friends perfectly with jeans or classic trousers of base colors. But this does not mean that skirt on you forget. Just before the checkered coat, especially short, pick straight and fitted styles. Pencil skirt is perfect.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

And what’s with the shoes?

This question is all the versatility of a coat in a cage. It is equally well it will look and business style, and in the street. So do not hesitate to wear it with boots with heels, with a straight platform or sneakers.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

Like wrapped in a blanket

I would also like to highlight style plaid coat that resembles plaid. Already one of its kind coat-plaid gives the impression of warmth and comfort. Perhaps for this reason it is so loved by the designers and fashionistas. And it’s not just visibility. Natural wool will perfectly warm you in the winter.

Тренд 2019: яскраве пальто в клітинку

Stella McCartney, Trussardi, Balenciaga, Versace and many other fashion brands gave my love a coat in a bright cage. Want to be the most stylish and creative, be sure to pay attention to them and you.