2020, the hottest year ever recorded in France

    2020, the hottest year ever recorded in France

    In Paris, September 11th. AFP

    Part of France is expected to spend the last hours of 2020 in the snow. A mirage. Despite this cold snap, 2020 will be the hottest year recorded in France, Météo-#France announced on Tuesday, December 29.

    Never, since the start of the surveys in 1900, has the average temperature over the whole country reached such a level: 14 ° C. The previous record (13.9 ° C) only dates from 2018. And as indicated in World climatologist Jean Jouzel, at the rate of global warming (three tenths of an additional degree per decade in France), “This new record will be beaten with great certainty in the 2020s”.

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    Sign of the acceleration of climate change at work, over the 120 years since the national averages were measured in France, nine of the ten hottest years belong to the XXIe century and seven to the last decade. With 13.7 ° C, 2014 completes the top three of the hottest years.

    The rise in temperatures observed in France is the manifestation of a global trend. In its interim report on the state of the climate, released on December 2, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) places 2020 among the three warmest years in history, with 2016 and 2019. If the data will only be confirmed ‘in January, the WMO was already certain that the decade 2011-2020 will be the hottest on record and the six years since 2015 have all reached records.

    “A succession of hot months”

    At the French level, the climate services department of Météo-#France mentions “An extraordinary year” ; 2020 will indeed have looked like “A succession of hot months”, with the exception of June and October, relatively close to “The normal”, if this expression still has a meaning when “the abnormal” becomes the norm.

    Earlier this year, the country experienced its second hottest February in history, with several “Remarkable peaks of sweetness” and many records. The summer was marked by two episodes of heatwave: from July 30 to July 1is August then from August 6 to 13. If their intensity was lower than the extraordinary heat waves of 2019, the heatwave in August was relatively long (eight days) with particularly high night temperatures. The month of November benefited from high pressure conditions and a “Exceptional softness”. Above all, September experienced a late heat wave judged there as well “Exceptional” by the experts. A record value of 23.4 ° C was thus recorded over the period from September 14 to 18.

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