2021 presidential vows under constraints

    2021 presidential vows under constraints

    Editorial of the “World”. In sixteen months, the mandate of Emmanuel Macron will end at the end of a particularly troubled five-year term. Little remains of the President of the Republic’s initial intention to complete ” the transformation “ from the country. For a year, the epidemic crisis has reversed priorities and imposed its tempo, without yet seeing the end. In this context, the traditional wishes to the French presented on December 31st first appeared as a lesson in humility. No precise announcement or martial declaration concerning the course of the year.

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    Scorched by the magnitude of the second wave, the head of state learned to be wary of his willful and optimistic temperament. Even if the vaccine is there, the country is still promised a long health trial. The time for the curfew has just been brought forward in the most affected departments and the Scientific Council considers a “Uncontrolled recovery” of the epidemic after the end-of-year festivities. At least during the first months, 2021 will therefore be marked by ” restrictions ” and the sacrifices “Which have been the lot of the past year, assumed Mr. Macron. With, moreover, the strong impact of the economic crisis, which will result in a surge in unemployment. After the ” whatever the cost “ of 2020, the Head of State now speaks of ” whatever happens “ 2021, a sort of fatalistic finding in the face of a virus that has not said its last word.

    “Hope” advocated by the Head of State

    Despite everything, on four occasions, Emmanuel Macron advocated “Hope” relying not only on “Human genius” which favored the rapid arrival of vaccines, but also the mobilization of the French. Powerless to draw a safe future, the Head of State intends on the other hand to take advantage of the crisis to correct the lack of empathy for which he is accused. By singling out in an unusual way the names of French women and men who distinguished themselves during the crisis, he sought to break the verticality of his five-year term and tried to create a positive dynamic around resilience and heroism on a daily basis. All at the cost of a fiction, that “Of a people united in trial”.

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    In reality, the coming pre-election year is an accelerator of divisions. Vaccination has barely started when the executive is already taken to task by the opposition and part of the medical profession who reproach him for his excess of caution. A few hours before the intervention of the Head of State, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, had to accelerate the tempo by announcing that voluntary health personnel, over the age of 50, will be able to be vaccinated from Monday. In the process, Emmanuel Macron said he would not let “An unjustified slowness to set in ».

    As in 2020, the management of the epidemic will remain the decisive criterion for judging its results. Despite the failures on the masks, on the tests and a persistent distrust of political leaders, the Head of State has so far managed to maintain his electoral base. But the final test will be that of the vaccine.

    Its success will depend on its ability to lead the most optimistic part of the population around a reconstruction project by 2030 that now closely mixes, as Mr. Macron outlined on Thursday, European construction and identity. French, economic recovery and ecological transition, the defense of secularism and the fight against discrimination. Hats off to youth, the great sacrificed of the health crisis, was made to build a dynamic around the “New French morning”. For now, that remains only a slogan.

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