2021, the big comeback of trade shows in Lyon?

    2021, the big comeback of trade shows in Lyon?

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    DR – 2021, the year of the return to light for Lyon trade shows?

    Hoping for a clearing up in the health crisis, many significant events are on the calendar of trade shows in Lyon.

    While the Piscine Global Europe 2021 trade fair, which was to be held from February 9 to 12, 2021 Eurexpo, has already been postponed to fall 2022, other events that traditionally punctuate the Lyon event year are, for the hour, still on the program.

    With the hope that the health crisis will not once again call this programming into question. Overview.

    Eight highlights to remember

    1. A corporate party in two stages to adapt to Covid-19

    2. Global Industrie Lyon is back in March with ambition

    3. A “resilient, responsible, sanitary and ecological” Sirha for spring 2021

    4. Go Entrepreneurs Lyon, a new formula show and a highlight of entrepreneurship

    5. Lyon Fair: an upcoming edition in June to ward off the fate of 2020

    6.Odysse des Entrepreneurs: the choice of the return to evoke “the man of tomorrow” Villeurbanne

    7. Trade fairs: Pollutec back to Lyon in October 2021

    8. Equita Lyon hopes to help relaunch the sector in 2021

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