21 March – world poetry day

Ancient poems, according to historians, was written in the 23rd century BC. They were created by Princess al-Hedu-Ana (En-hedu-ana) finding is confirmed by the artifacts.

21 березня - Всесвітній день поезії

How many beautiful poems and lyrics, written by the great poets, remain in our memory for all life! Really, poetry is a great force, which serves as a way of expressing feelings, emotions and passions. Rhymed lines, located in a sense sequence, is able to touch deeply, to cause a storm of emotions and impressions. In order to Express gratitude to all the poets on Earth, humanity celebrates the annual Day of poetry, informs Rus.Media.

The idea of the celebration belongs to the UNESCO. In 1999 at the 30th session, the organization signed a resolution according to which poetry Day acquired the status of a global celebration. After a year it was already noted for the first time in the narrow artistic circles.

The main goal of the poetry Day was the desire to introduce young people to creativity, to revive poetic culture, to develop creative activity not only among the population but also in the cultural and publishing Systems media.

By itself, the poetry has gone through many stages of development since the time of primitive man. However, the art of rhyme and skill to be touching texts have survived to our times.

In honor of world poetry day in the cities of Europe and America on March 21, solemn evening held in schools, universities, newspaper and magazine publishers.