22 awards: team Russia won the medal standings, championship in sumo

PHOTO : DPA/TASS / Bernd Settnik


Russian national team on sumo won in the team event of European championship, winning 22 medals. This was reported on the website of the Russian Federation of sumo.

On the second place of the competition – Ukraine, the third – Germany. The winners will go to the world Cup, it will be held in October in the United States.

“The special pride for us is that the hymn of Russia has sounded 13 times. I note that the organization of the tournament held at the highest level. Today there is a positive trend of increasing the number of participating countries, it contributes to the development of sumo in our country and around the world,” – said the President of the sumo Federation of Russia Roman Iliev.

The tournament was held in Tallinn, was attended by 150 sportsmen from 14 countries. The Russian team was represented 30 sumo. Athletes fought for 18 sets of medals in individual and team competition.