24-year-old Spanish teacher seduced from three students

24-летняя учительница по испанскому соблазнила сразу троих школьников

24-year-old araceli Saucedo came under investigation after school officials suspected her of sexual relationships with three students. Teacher of Spanish was arrested on the border of USA and Mexico after a warrant was issued, reports the Daily Star.

Initially araceli was arrested in September, after it was proven that she had sex with 16-year-old student. But after the woman was released on bail of $50 thousand, it turned out that two more students have become its victims. The defendant was detained again when she returned from Mexico to the United States. The day before the arrest, she resigned from the post of a teacher.

However, this is not the first time in the area Burleson when female teachers seduce students. In particular, Alexandra Faith was imprisoned for 10 years after became pregnant by 13-year-old boy from your class.

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