27 years ago, McSorley was penalized for his stick illegal

Il y a 27 ans, McSorley était pénalisé pour son bâton illégal

Among all the good shots of the coach, Jacques Demers, his decision to challenge the stick of Marty McSorley in the second game of the Stanley cup final between the Montreal canadiens and Los Angeles Kings 27 years ago, and certainly in an excellent position.

On June 3, 1993, at a time when the Kings were leading 2 to 1, Demers has asked the referees to measure the stick of the player with a little less than two minutes remaining in the third period. This is his captain, Guy Carbonneau put the chip in the ear by questioning the legality of the tool.

Result: Eric Desjardins scored the tying goal on the power play, which has resulted in, before touching the target at the beginning of the extension to pass a hat trick.

This victory has allowed the troupe Demers match series with a gain everywhere. She then won the three duels in the following to provide a 24th Stanley cup at the Canadian.

“Was it an unwritten law to let the opponents play with their stick? Maybe. But when you get to the final of the Stanley cup, the unwritten laws no longer exist”, was called “Carbo” in an interview with the QMI Agency at the 25th anniversary of the event.

“In this game, it’s silly to say, but it is Marty McSorley, who has made the mistake of using a stick is illegal in the end of the match, said Carbonneau. But I understand the frustration of Marty, this was not a punishment called outrageous at the time.”

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