273 000 $ in public funds spent to rescue the school boards

273 000 $ en fonds publics dépensés pour sauver les commissions scolaires

The Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec spent at least 273 686 $ of public funds in legal fees, media relations and an advertising campaign, in the course of the last year, to fight against its abolition by the government Legault.

The body, which is given the mandate to defend ” the interests of school boards “, has retained the services of two law firms.

The first, Gauthier Bédard, received a total of 73 088 $, has revealed the QBCF in response to questions from our parliamentary Bureau. The firm of Davies, whose partner is the former premier Lucien Bouchard, for his part, scored 12 098 $.

To verify some aspects

“Following a resolution of the general council, the QBCF has actually done business with law offices to verify certain legal aspects of the draft act, 40 as well as its impact on the Federation and its members “, explains the director of communications of the Russian federation, Caroline Lemieux. Following the adoption of the draft law which abolished the school boards last week, the QBCF has put an end to these contracts.

Lawyer within Gauthier Bédard, ex-mna Stéphane Bédard refused to comment on the mandate of his firm. The one who is also an analyst with the issuance of The Joust , however, argues that it avoided comment on the subject of school boards over the last few months.

“I always made sure not to intervene in the cases to which I could serve as counsel,” commented Mr. Bédard.

Pub and public relations

Before they surrendered, the QBCF has also hired the consulting firm Citizen Optimum, Quebec, at a cost of 93 500 $, to advise it in its relations with the media. For its part, Ogilvy Montreal has received $ 95,000 to create an advertising campaign for radio, which featured the actress Marie-Soleil Dion.

“In our opinion, it is neither more nor less than a waste of public funds, which once more demonstrates the merits of de-politicize school governance,” responded the office of the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge.

– With the collaboration of Antoine Robitaille

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