28-year-old transgender from Australia were allowed to play in Women’s League

28-year-old football player from Australia in 2015, has decided to change gender.

28-річному футболістові-трансгендеру з Австралії дозволили грати в Жіночій лізі

To gender transition, Mungo Hannah (Hannah Mouncey) played men’s soccer team in Canberra. Last year she filed an application to participate in the Women’s football League of Australia, but its request was rejected, reports Rus.Media.

On 13 February the Australian football League for the first time in history officially has allowed the transgender to play in the women’s team at the professional level. Representatives of the AFL stated that all athletes can compete on an equal footing.

According to Hanna, she hopes to enter the field of professional team already this season. The athlete also thanked his supporters for their support, but she did not believe the decision of the organization with something special: “I think that it would be inappropriate to thank the AFL for what vanai allowed me to do something unique and open to all Australians”.

28-річному футболістові-трансгендеру з Австралії дозволили грати в Жіночій лізі

The views of Hannah’s followers on Twitter were divided: some believe that transgender should not play women’s soccer team, and other glad news about the continuation of sports career girls. “It generally is normal?”, “I don’t think it’s a good idea!This person may live as you wish, but if he will play, he will play as a guy!””Hannah, congratulations! You’re so strong and purposeful! Good luck”, “Nice to see you in Women’s League,” commented by users.

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