2Brothers: the pitfalls that led to the dream

2Brothers: the pitfalls that led to the dream

For five years now that they have attended all the major events, that they reign at the top of the charts and fill the rooms, what remains to be learned about 2Frères? Lots of things, replies their biographer, François Couture, who signs with 2Frères – À tous les vents – The story of an improbable journey , a magnificent work retracing the duo's journey.

Did they become stars overnight, Erik and Sonny Caouette? Nay, insists François Couture, who becomes inexhaustible when he recounts the joys and pitfalls encountered by his subjects.

An essential collector's item for the many followers of 2Frères, the 2Frères book – À tous les vents – The story of an improbable journey , full of unpublished photos, looks back on the boys' childhood, their first contacts with the music, their beginnings, their rise and their relationship to fame.

Questions from “fans”, a genesis of the titles of their three discs, a tribute to one another and other original content complete the ambitious collection of more than 200 pages, which its author describes as a “feel good book ”.

Hard workers

“33 rpm” and other bombs from the three albums of 2Frères may well turn abundantly on the radio waves, François Couture did not know the Caouette brothers when they asked him to write a book about them.

Today, after having led about fifteen two-hour conversations on the phone or by Facetime with them (before confinement, but the group's trips on tour complicated the meetings), having spoken to their relatives (their parents, their friends from childhood, their producer Mario Pelchat, their partner and “third brother” Steve Marin, their press officer, their manager and other important people from their close nucleus) and to have followed them to their hometown of Chapais, in the North of -Québec (“a small town of ten streets, left-right, north-south”, he jokes) and several times on stage, François now knows the famous two brothers in all their facets.

“When I saw them in their natural element, I saw who these guys were, and I understood that I had to make a book not with my head, but with my emotions”, related the one who was also the phantom feather of personalities like Hugo Girard, Robby Johnson and Michèle Richard.

“These guys are so successful that we have the impression that everything has always been easy for them,” continued François Couture. But we realize that what makes it “pogné” is that they worked like madmen to build that career. They did not count the kilometers to get to the region. They created their “fan club” even before being known as 2Frères. ”

“I think the book will open people's eyes to this somewhat unknown facet of the singer's profession. With Star Académie and La Voix , we think that success comes instantly, but that was not the case with 2Frères. It was years and years of bar tours, songs that didn't work … I think this part of their career will surprise people, ”added François Couture.

General public

François Couture never ceases to praise the authenticity of 2Frères, two “damn good guys”, who hid nothing from him, who are truly “the best friends in the world” and did not maintain any taboos in interviews, he asserts.

“It helps a biographer a lot, when you come across people who give themselves up so easily.”

The observer also said to feel chills when remembering moments of intense communion between the tandem and its audience, a very important element in the journey of the two artists, he believes.

“In a show, I find that the“ show ”is as much in the crowd, in hall or in festival, as on the stage, he explained. People are in love with 2Frères, they know all the songs by heart, they have their arms in the air and make hearts with their two hands, they scream … It's really fascinating, when you look at that. outside. 2Frères, it is a success for the general public, in the noblest sense of the term. ”

The book “ 2Frères – À tous les vents – The story of an improbable journey , published by Éditions La Semaine, is currently on sale. TVA will broadcast the documentary 2Frères – The improbable route this Sunday, September 27, at 9 p.m.

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