2Frères: accomplices on stage, accomplices in the life

2Frères: complices sur scène, complices dans la vie

SAINT-CÉSAIRE | In the music industry in quebec, nobody has had more success than 2Frères since the duo released its first album, in 2015. Their songs turn in loop on the radio, they have sold 175,000 albums and they are requested to the four corners of the province. This glory sudden would have been able to blur the relationship between Erik and Sonny Caouette. It is the opposite that has happened.

Erik and Sonny Caouette

“There’s nobody who I’m also close to and who knows me as well as Sonny. The success has welded our relationship. We are much closer today than we were four years ago,” says the eldest, Erik, sitting in front of his younger brother around the kitchen island in his home in Saint-Césaire, where the pair gave an appointment to representatives of the Journal.

In an unforgiving environment where the wars of ego can destroy the strongest friendships, this is accomplishment. While in the United Kingdom, the famous brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher are being continually insulted by the media in which they, ten years after the end of Oasis, the brothers Caouette, them, make a common front as ever to the approach of the release of their third album, To all the winds, next Friday.

“We both know that we can understand because we live the same thing. Our families and friends try, but you can’t understand when you’re not immersed in there,” says Erik.

Erik Caouette, the eldest of the duo : “Even if we have always been close, this life we soda even more. ”

The lights in Erik

Even the one hour drive that separates the ancestral home of Erik the residence of Sonny in Sherbrooke is not an obstacle to good neighbourliness. With gold records hanging on the walls, its Felix lined up on the piano and the Yamaska river which flows at its feet, the nest of Erik Caouette seems the same to office of the general headquarters of the 2Frères.

“We see each other fairly often outside of work, just for the fun of it. In the summer, here, I do often fire…” says Erik, immediately cut off by Sonny.

“In fact, you do all the time of the fires,” the teasing he with an air of falsely exasperated.

“It allows the cousins to see,” notes Erik, thinking of his daughter and Sonny, both of which have the same age.

Sonny Caouette, the youngest : “We spend a lot of time together. ”

The worst : the uncertainty

Given their busy schedules – they give approximately a hundred concerts per year in Québec, in addition to the sessions in the studio, interviews, etc –, these family moments, and a few weeks of leave that they concur here and there are sacred.

“The hardest thing is the uncertainty of our schedule,” says Sonny. It happens that I foresee spending a week with my daughter or go see my girlfriend in the Saguenay, and then I learn that a concert or an interview has been booked. It is for this reason that there are weeks where, less than an estie big, obvious, kind TF1 with Michel Drucker, it does nothing.”

The studio between gigs

Erik and Sonny Caouette

It has to be. Because the success order to beat the iron when it is hot. To avoid the lengthy delays between two issues and satisfy the fans who want to see them on stage, the album The road released in 2017, and the new-born To all the winds were recorded between the two concerts.

It goes so fast that “the new tour starts on 20 February, BEFORE the last show of The road, which is 29″, guffaws Sonny.

The trick to get by? Having good collaborators. So, to loop To all the winds, the brothers have, in particular, appeals to the valuable services of an accomplice of the first hour, Steve Marino.

“If we were songwriters exclusively and that we had to write all our songs, it would be different, but we are mainly interpreters,” says Erik.

“We have participated in two songs on the new album,” says his brother.

“You have people who work on song writing while we’re touring. After it, we still have to plan days in the studio, which is pretty simple, because with Sonny and me, it goes fast,” says Erik.

This is how the wheel of success can continue to turn.

To all the winds


  • 3rd album after the rest of Us (2015) and The road (2017)
  • Released : 21 February 2020
  • Songs : all the winds (first excerpt), I’ve got to go, 100 times (with Steve Marino), For a few hours, Pick your body, Heal our memories, My here, I have not been able to you meet, All in white, Great person, Snack-bar chez Raymond (chanson cachée)
  • Words and music : Steve Marino, 2Frères, Gautier Marinof, Sébastien Lacombe, Reney Ray, Amélie Larocque, Martin Véronneau, Jonathan Painchaud
  • Achievement : Gautier Marinof
  • In concert : February 20th at the Star Bank National Brossard

François Pérusse to the rescue

Hidden at the end of ten folk songs ofall winds, there is a surprise : 2Frères has recorded with François Pérusse a recovery Snack-bar chez Raymond, one of the classics of stand-up comedian. Fans finished, Erik and Sonny Caouette tell “the blow from which they are most proud of” since the beginning of their career.

Erik : “Someone is awake at any given time. Just ten tunes, this is not enough. But we had finished. Our high five of “good, it was an album” were already made. It was thought to be full of business, such as Rosieby Francis Cabrel. We didn’t know. Nothing sounded like a good idea. It would have been filling. We didn’t want to do a tune just to make one. Finally, it is Steve Marin (important collaborator with the duo) that has offered to do another cover of François Pérusse (the guys have already made it in the show). I proposed better : ask Pérusse if he tries to do with us.”

Sonny : “We were confident because I had already asked to live in the universe, if it was trying to write a tune with us. Perusse does things niaiseuses and funny, but when you listen to what he composed, everything is clean. He is a composer beyond compare. It has, therefore, called, and he said yes immediately and [proposed] coming home.”

Erik : “In thirty years of career, we were the first artists, other than him, who had in his studio.”

Sonny : “We were at the place where he recorded almost all the crap that we hear on his records.”

Erik : “I was five years old the whole time I was there. There were Snack-bar chez Raymond, and Pérusse looked at me and he had the air of triper. That was awkward.”

Sonny : “I thought it was funny. This is a guy extremely humble. He has no idea of its impact on Quebec. For him, it was an honor to work with us.”

Erik : “His children are fans of the 2Frères and when he learned that he was going to do something with us, they capotaient. Me, I told him : I think you don’t understand. You, you, you remember your life before 2Frères. Me, I don’t remember my life before Perusse.”

How the choice stopped on Snack bar?

Erik : “At the outset, we wanted to make the Song uneven, but it is less well known. Finally, as to make it a well-known, we decided to make Snack Bar. This is THE tune of Pérusse.”

Are you going to do it in concert?

(It was not planned but after a good 32 seconds of deliberation, they agree that they will not have much of a choice.)

Erik : “We’re going to make. Anyway, we are going to make the ask.”