3 common myths about breast cancer!

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor. Around this disease, a lot of rumors. Try to deal with some of them.

3 поширені міфи про рак грудей!

The first myth

The larger the Breasts, the higher the risk of developing breast cancer. In fact it is not. In 95% of cases the cancer develops in the cells of the milk ducts and the amount of ducts does not depend on the size of the Breasts.

Beware, it is only the women who turned 50 years old and failed to keep weight in norm. According to the American cancer Institute, obesity causes many types of cancer (particularly breast cancer in women in the menopause.

Second myth

If the family had no precedents with cancer – nothing to fear. Good heredity does reduce the risk, but only 5-10%.

Third myth

Breast cancer is deodorant. Some deodorants (and other cosmetics contain parabens – chemicals that are found in the breast tissue affected by cancer. However, studies have found no link between parabens in antiperspirants and those that are found in the tissues of the breast.

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