3 easy ways to open wine without a corkscrew

Open the wine in our time, everyone can. The corkscrew is now in any house. But much nicer to do it the old fashioned way, for example by using of a Shoe, a knife or a screw.

3 легких способи відкрити вино без штопора

To uncork a wine bottle , just to have on hand boot , and somewhere nearby a wall . There is , however , one point that experiments on alcohol showed that the technique works only if the bottle is full , reports Rus.Media .

Method # 1 : boot

Put the bottom of the bottle into the Shoe so that it is exactly over the heel . Shoes will not let you be cut if the bottle is broken.

The bottom of the bottle , placed in the Shoe , hit on the wall as long as the tube will come a little more than half . The main thing — to stop in time , so that the tube is not left completely .

Method # 2 : knife

For a start, try to push the tube with your finger in the bottle . It’s easier than it seems . Most importantly , do not bend the gun in the first phalanx . The finger should be straight .

If your psychiatrist does not forbid this , take a narrow and sharp knife and stick it in the plug to the middle ( the middle of the tube , not the knife ). Then crank up the treacherous piece of wood .

Method # 3 : self-tapping screw and pliers

Finally , I make it a rule to buy wine screws and pliers . If these things to open a bottle is not difficult . Screw the screw into the tube ( because the material is soft, it can be done even with your fingers ) and pull the entire structure .

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