3 most effective ways to recover from burnout at work

3 самых эффективных способа восстановиться после эмоционального выгорания на работе

Inc.com calls three approaches to recovery from emotional burnout. These ways are confirmed by scientific research and have substantial evidence that they help people, the newspaper notes

3 самых эффективных способа восстановиться после эмоционального выгорания на работе

Founder of the online platform Zarvana where you publish the “proven research”, Matt Plummer gives a few tips on recovery from burnout. All approaches are divided into three groups depending on their degree of validity and recognition in the scientific community.

In the category of most effective ways that are “significant evidence” went only three points.

1. Less work

Despite the evidence of such a Council, he is recognized as one of the most effective to cope with the effects of burnout. In October, The Wall Street Journal published the results of the experiment, during which the company reduced the working day from eight to five hours.

The management encouraged employees to apply performance techniques, which are based on scientific research. In the end, none of the employees are not faced with signs of burnout.

2. The search of social support

According to the Mayo clinic, if you provide doctors with at least one hour a week for a meeting with colleagues where they can share experiences and support each other, this will significantly reduce the likelihood of them emotional burnout.

Social support helps to create a community to change on its capabilities, including professional, and also to extend the company effective prevention methods of burnout.

3. Work is not your whole life

As noted by Plummer, there are three ways to help workers to restore power before proceeding to new tasks. This psychological detachment (don’t think about work), relaxation (you can drink green tea) and “skill” (what a good man, it may be running).

It is the third paragraph, as the scientists argue, allows the person to feel that he controls his life and is able to change it.

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