3 rituals that should be carried out before Breakfast!

Magic is a part of our lives, not what we do regardless of our daily lives.

3 ритуали, які треба проводити перед сніданком!

Magic rituals should be a part of our lives, and this means that they do not need to be terribly complicated events that require a large number of special tools, smoke and mirrors, reports Rus.Media.

If you want to have in your life present magic, then you need to practice it all the time. You think that’s hard or that you don’t have time for this? Think again!

I do at least 3 rituals prior to Breakfast every day, and it’s not that hard! Below are each of these rituals.

1. Seat

Seat or meditation one of the best ways to add magic to your life. I sit each morning and surround yourself with silence. I sit in the Lotus position as a stable position, which I like, but you don’t have to do as well. Just sit (or lie, if the seats extremely uncomfortable for you). It does not matter you sit for 5 minutes or 50.. just need you to stay calm so long as the magic will not penetrate into your life, your thoughts. The magic happens in the space between your thoughts.

2. Greet the new day

I go outside and greet the new day every morning before Breakfast. This is my way of getting in touch with magical powers, acknowledging their presence, turning to him for help and usually coming in contact with magical allies.

3. Reading

I usually read esoteric texts, I spend a few minutes immersed in worthy spiritual material. Some people like the click to open the book of the angel to get the angel thought for the day. Regardless of how you are going to spend your day, pick up a good spiritual stuff to start Your day on a magical basis.

In General, these 3 rituals take 30 minutes. Need not much time to live this magical life, the universe itself requires to make the magic in your life. Simple enough, right?!

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