3 traits that attract others

3 черты характера, которые притягивают окружающих 

What is the “attraction formula”? Beautiful appearance, fine manners, the ability to maintain a conversation? It would seem that it is known to all. And yet, there is a certain set of qualities to which no one can resist…a Positive myshleniya who among us likes to deal with angry and complaining individuals, right? People have always intuitively drawn to those who “emits light”. Next to the positive people think that all problems are solvable, bad weather — just a trifle, and actually created everything in order to enjoy life. It is not surprising that people with a positive mind always gathers crowds where ever they are, catch yourself admiring glances.Everything else, optimists tend to be considerably more productive at work, less prone to various kinds of diseases (because of their inner strength and strengthens the immune system) and feel much healthier physically than grumpy pessimists.Confident podcasters everything is simple and difficult at the same time. For anybody not a secret that confidence always attracts attention and causes an increased interest of others. But it is difficult to cultivate it is an extremely useful quality! Clumsiness, shyness, confusion — this situation is familiar to absolutely everyone. And yet there are people who in most cases know how to control myself, not to lose a sense of self-control and dignity.When we see a confident person, you yourself become quieter, since such individuals generate a sense of security, harmony and courage in ourselves. According to numerous studies and surveys, found that most women and men prefer to see next to a self-sufficient partner, and this trait as “confidence” is considered one of the most attractive!What advice can you give an insecure and shy person? Very simple, but incredibly effective — love yourself! After all, a personality change for the better starts with making your inner self.Moderate extraordinairy introverted extroverts — entirely devote themselves to the surrounding world.Unbelievable but true: the fight for the love of others, attractive people-an introvert more likely to lose to man-the extrovert with a mediocre appearance. People are drawn to those who are open to them, to those who loves to chat and is willing to devote himself to the interlocutor. No wonder after all, extroverts have more friends and acquaintances, they are always in the spotlight and almost never lose heart.However, all you need to know the measure, and cheerfulness is no exception. Want to attract the attention of others and always and everywhere to be “the soul of the company” — try to find a balance between “boring” and sociability.

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