3 words that make a man to love a woman even stronger

Love: It patiently.

3 слова, які змушують чоловіка кохати жінку ще міцніше

It well. It’s complicated. Especially for women that anyone in a long time met: love is not for the faint of heart. But to get a man to fall in love, no need to change yourself, look or read all the books on seduction, reports Rus.Media.

You can help him fall in love with you stronger. It all starts with three simple words.

And it’s not words to the wind. It is important to understand the reason for the effectiveness of these words.

So what is it?

“I love you”? No.

“I want you”? No.

“Let’s have sex”? And it’s not.

“I made steak”? Close, but no.

All these phrases are pleasing to the ear men. We all want to be loved and cherished. Sex is also beautiful. Like a good steak.

But in these phrases there is a hint that your husband is also something should be, it takes away his power. He feels trapped in the trap. It feels like too answer your feelings (after all, if you love him, and he must love you). He can start to panic.

This will make him assume that you’re cooking him Breakfast, so you want to marry him. House, white picket fence, three kids and a Golden Retriever.

In General, these phrases can cause not only positive emotions.

With regard to the words “I respect you”? The man definitely wants to hear, like “I admire you”. All this close to main, but not.

Actually a little deeper, one that will make him love you more. The opposite of threats. So what are we talking about?

“I trust you”.

It’s a magic phrase. Maybe he already knows it. But when you tell a man that you trust him, you say that you recognize him for what he is, and that he may not be like you.

You assess him as a leader. You respect his honesty. You give him the reins in your relationship. And relieve his tension. But motivation to be the best.

Think of itself. When people trust you, you naturally want to justify their trust. If someone believes that he can trust you, you’re going to try to be reliable. It’s human nature: when people look at you in the bright light you want to Shine. You don’t want to disappoint them.

Not all women understand it. A lot of people believe that good men gone. If so, and with you, maybe you’re just not there looking for?

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