30,000 Sherbrookois without electricity

Electricity dropped at 30,000 Sherbrookois around 9:45 am Saturday morning.

At the City of Sherbrooke, it was initially stated that the exact cause of the failure was not known, but that the work should last at least until noon. New information arrived a little later and announced a restoration of the current for the majority of users around 11:45. After momentary returns around 11am, the majority of citizens had electricity for dinner.

However, some were less fortunate: in the late afternoon, a hundred subscribers of Normand Street in Fleurimont were still without electricity. We expected a return to normal soon.

Several areas of the city were affected, including those of the University, Rock Forest, Mont-Bellevue, Fleurimont, Jacques-Cartier and even Ascot Corner.

The breakdowns were unequally distributed: in the Borough of Fleurimont, the lights were lit on King, 13th Avenue or Bilodeau Street, but not on Cypress or 8th Avenue.

With the cool weather setting in, many citizens were saying on social media that they could not wait for electricity to pick up.

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