32 Amerindians were caged in Paris in 1892, students say

    32 Amerindians were caged in Paris in 1892, students say

    In 1892, Amerindians were exhibited in the Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris. Thirty-two arrived from Guyana. Only ten have returned to the country. The students of the DUT Carrières Sociales decided to make this adventure, the object of their research.

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    They left thirty-two and only ten came back from France. Kalin’a leaving their native land, direction Paris. An adventure that turns into humiliation. Violence, lies and deception, these Natives were duped to be exposed in a human-sized cage. A fairground phenomenon, installed in the Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris, fond of exoticism at the end of the 19th century.

    After 4 months of writing workshop, students from the University of Guyana, organized a restitution in the presence of the descendants of one of the survivors of this terrible story.

    Lydia Toka (left) and Elvis Toka (right), grandchildren of Moliko

    ©Karl Constable

    Very moved great-grandchildren who still bear the trauma of their ancestors.

    It is a painful story for us. Great-grandchildren of Moliko, we live with this pain deep inside us. This drama does not sum up our journey

    Elvis Toka, great grandson of Moliko

    A work of memory never started and an apology never offered.

    It really touched me. I thank the students for their work which allowed me to know a little more about the suffering of my elders.

    Lydia Toka, granddaughter of Moliko

    The fifty or so students in “Social Careers” did not know this dramatic story, at first shocked and indignant; they are passionate about the subject, even organizing the restitution of their work in the form of staged paintings.

    This is not just a tribute to Moliko, it is a tribute to all Native Americans.

    Niguella PINAS Student, 3rd year Law Degree

    A story that we have tried to banish memories, undoubtedly because it has helped to strengthen the theories of races and the hierarchy that accompanies them. Ideologies that have been able to evolve from scientific racism to popular racism.

    32 Amerindians were caged in Paris in 1892, students say

    ©Karl Constable

    Historians estimate that a billion and a half spectators have passed through human zoos!


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