38° Celsius in Siberia, beyond the arctic circle

38° Celsius en Sibérie, au-delà du cercle arctique

Quebec is not the only region in the world to know of the very high temperatures at this time.

A temperature record has been beaten, at the end of the week in Siberia, while a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius was recorded at Verhoïansk.

This town of 1300 inhabitants, is located above the arctic circle in the Sakha republic, at approximately 4660 kilometres north-east of Moscow.

According to the meteorologist of CBS’s Jeff Berardelli, such temperatures were expected around 2100 in this region.

In comparison, Berardelli explained that the city of Miami, Florida, has officially reached 38 degrees Celsius only once in its history.

The city of Verkhoïansk is recognized by the Guinness World Records for its extreme temperatures. As there can be up to -68 °C in winter, according to the daily The World.

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