38 puppies dead on board a plane: Ukraine International Airlines survey

38 chiots morts à bord d'un avion: Ukraine International Airlines enquête

The airline company Ukraine International Airlines (UAI) said on Tuesday conducting an internal investigation after the death of 38 puppies aboard one of its aircraft, and announced the suspension of one of its leaders.

“UIA has initiated its own internal investigation during which the head of the directorate of transport of goods will remain suspended” from his duties, said the group in a press release.

The company, the principal of the Ukraine, has also said it had suspended since the drama all transport of animals by its Boeing-767.

On June 13, a plane of UIA had landed at the Toronto Pearson airport, with its edge approximately 500, bulldog French, very popular in Canada. Thirty-eight of them were dead and others were in poor health.

On Saturday, the canadian food inspection agency (CFIA) and the police and a Ukrainian, respectively, have announced to have opened investigations on the matter.

“Unfortunately, the cause of the death of animals is not always established”, pointed out Tuesday, the company’s Ukrainian.

In total, the flight had transported 559 dogs, whose average age is four months, and 89 cats that were in 337 cages, detailed UIA in “excluding” any possibility of a problem of ventilation of the hold, where were the animals.

“The transportation of puppies of pure breed (…) carries a certain risk which the farmers and all those who ship dogs by plane are perfectly aware,” added the airline.

At the end of may, the company UIA, of which Boeing had been shot down accidentally in January by the iranian army during its take-off in Tehran, announced the removal of more than a third of its workforce because of the crisis caused by the pandemic of the sars coronavirus.

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