4 effective ways on how to spring clean up the skin

How to make after a long winter, your face shone with freshness and health?

4 ефективних способів, як навесні привести в порядок шкіру обличчя

In spring, the bright sun, especially visible on the skin. If you look in the mirror you are dissatisfied with the curve, the complexion associated with the first greens and the skin feels like it’s cracked, is clear: it is urgent to help the skin. Talk, where to start and where to continue, reports Rus.Media.

First, assess how you look:

Dented appearance. If you have all the time some tired face which does not become fresh after a day of rest, and the skin is pale, lethargic, uneven, it is likely that you lack vitamins. To add to the diet of fruit, vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, dried fruits, fresh herbs and fresh juices.

The effect of the parchment. If the skin was normal, and is dry and sensitive, you often experience a feeling of tightness of the skin, so you overdid it with the fat-free diet or you just do not have enough food. For the normal functioning of the skin by the body every day you need to get 30 grams of high quality fats. So you need to reconsider your diet.

All winter the skin resist cold and other adverse factors suffered a lack of vitamins. Therefore, with the advent of spring it would be nice to thank her, guided by four basic rules: cleanse, moisturise, vitamin fortification and protection.

1. Cleansing

To clean need to clear the skin of toxins and remove dead skin layer. If the skin there is no inflammation, then wipe the face with a cleansing lotion and make light peels. It will take a few minutes. Keep in mind that different types of peels are used in different ways: for example, one should be applied to wet skin, the other dry. So you need to follow the instructions. After peeling it is recommended to apply a moisturizing and soothing mask.

2. Hydration

Moisturize the skin needs from the inside and outside. For this you need to drink at least two liters of pure water a day and to spray thermal water. In the cabin for moisture is mesotherapy. With the help of a special apparatus in the skin are nutrient cocktails based on hyaluronic acid, lipid cocktails and the like. Usually the course is 6-10 treatments, indicated for the neck, décolleté, around the eyes.

3. Vitaminization

Treatment with vitamin also be good inside and outside. At home you can make a mask of curd, honey and eggs using olive oil with liquid vitamin E. the Process will go better if you drink a specialized course of vitamins.

4. Protection

To protect the skin from external impacts by using high-quality, hypoallergenic creams. And products that contain UV protection. But you can enhance the effect by resorting to salon treatments — ozone therapy. Using a very thin needle is introduced under the skin of oxygen-ozone mixture. Thus in the cells, improves the supply of oxygen, the skin is freed from toxins and is effective for protection.

These measures help to revitalize skin cells, eliminate congestion, to make a free circulation, to maintain the desired humidity. The face becomes more fresh looking, and the person ceases to look like a jaded “office plankton”, and happily smiles at his reflection in the mirror.

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