4 habits that can slow the aging process and improve health

4 привычки, которые могут замедлить процесс старения и укрепить здоровье

Experts announced the four habits that can slow the aging process and improve health.

Note that psychologists claim to have such antiage-habits can be for 21 days, reports the Correspondent.

*The first step is to assess the level of personal physical activity. Any physical activity, in addition to maintaining a slim figure, helps to synthesize endorphins, hormones of happiness. They will lift your mood and reduce mental stress, maintain clarity of memory.

*An important role in the fight against old age is given a balanced diet. The diet should be diverse, and the daily caloric value to meet the energy demands. With regard to the different restrictions in the menu then they can cause premature wear of organs and excessive nervous tension.

*To extend healthy life it is necessary to consume sufficient amount of drinking. To restore the moisture balance should be during the day to drink about 1.5 liters of water.

*To preserve health and youth needed positive attitude and optimism. In order to learn how to be joyous, it is necessary to focus on the positive things and not dwell on failures.

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