4 simple tips to help get the desired gift

Cheat sheet for women.

4 нехитрі поради, які допоможуть отримати бажаний подарунок

You have been up to, what would you like to receive a gift and want to favorite realize your dreams? Act gently and without pressure, and the Golden key will be in your pocket. The man will fulfil your desire, if you are using secret tactics, he will help a little, informs Rus.Media.

Men are always hard to please us with a gift for the holiday, so you need to take the initiative in their hands: a few simple tips and your beloved will guess what will bring you joy. And most importantly – a favorite can be sure that this brilliant idea came to his head! You’ll be happy and he’s happy.

4 нехитрі поради, які допоможуть отримати бажаний подарунок

A good example

Walking around the city, passing the Windows of the boutiques during the shopping, please note the men on any thing. Do not be amiss to add, “What a beauty! I would love to be the owner of such favors!” Then several times, as if by chance, remember about what they saw. Considerate man will take note and consider it done.

Friends and family – allies

Men often turn for advice in choosing a gift for the beloved to friends or family – use it! Think about who your favorite consults, and tell them about his dream, and also about where this thing you can buy.

Share your experience

4 нехитрі поради, які допоможуть отримати бажаний подарунок

“A colleague at work, a new perfume fragrance is mesmerizing, and my end…” “Girlfriend (the sister) got a new mobile and my model already obsolete…” Share with a loved their experiences, talk out loud about their desires, in this case add a few good facts about why this thing is not just desirable, but necessary just now. Describing his wish, use all your eloquence, showing how you would like to become a happy owner of something. As a rule, this technique does not give misfires and always hits the target.

Go ahead

4 нехитрі поради, які допоможуть отримати бажаний подарунок

If you know your husband and know that all your secret tactic could fail, proceed straight. Men love specifics, and act – without gimmicks and dramatizations, tell me directly what you would like to receive a holiday gift. Believe me, it will be better than the silence to dream of a new handbag or fashionable cosmetics, and receive a gift of expensive pan or iron with the bells and whistles. Remember that almost all men are not romantic and prefer to make practical gifts that can be useful in the household.

Have a good holidays and fulfillment of dreams!