4 status of women that men fall dead

4 состояния женщины, на которые намертво западают мужчины

Our grandmothers said, “to marry — not to attack, as if married is not an abyss!” They were right. To attract, engage, fall in love and save the relationship. Seemed would, the mechanics of constructing “eternal love” is more than a simple. But some of these stages have difficulty? Why we get burned so many times and hurting yourself and your partner? Let’s try to understand and figure out at what stage women make mistakes!

Every woman at one time or another, stays in 4 States in 4 guises. In different cultures psychological currents, they are called all sorts of images. The most famous of interpretations – Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

So in order to marry successfully you just have to learn when to “enable” it. Each state must include, at a certain stage of the relationship, and then to connect these States to always stay interesting for her husband.

Involvement of men – as MISTRESS

Mistress is fire. Passionate, equally, even a little daring priestess of love. She attracts the man of her insatiable thirst for life and love. She knows how to attract a man! By its energy it is impossible to pass, even the women speak of her with admiration, if not envy.

She wants all the energy and “want” returned to her with even greater force. This energy attracts, like a magnet, men. If a woman “includes” Mistress, she easily attracts men and never has a problem with it.


“Bleed” your female energy. Learn to flirt and flirt recklessly, right and left. Flirting is not binding, but reveals your sexual energy. If you are still shy to go to classes in vumbilding, now is the time!

Take, finally, women practitioners, visit the relevant master classes – “the orgasm reflex”, “his Majesty Dildo”, “erotic massage”. Buy sexy lingerie, and badly washed, but so cute and comfortable shapeless bottoms it is better to throw without compunction.

Incitement of interest as QUEEN

The Queen is the air. As if the cold and distant Queen chooses the most suitable candidate. She’s successful, knows what she wants and how to achieve the desired. Male Queen should correspond to its values and plans for the future, or he with Her Majesty on the way. In this way the woman becomes for the man the ideal he wants to reach.


Meet with a man, not more than 3 days. Communication by telephone and social networks minimize. He should not think that you won if invited you for a date. Find out as much information about him and about his life – about his surroundings, Hobbies, work, etc., Exclude from the communication themes of marriage, children and sex. Tell about yourself to a minimum, without details.

To encourage a proposal of marriage – able GIRLS

The girl is water. Here she is joyful, grateful, loving girl that it is impossible not to fall in love. Open minded, trusting and willing to give their love to the world, and the love returned to her with even greater impact. In this state, the woman receives a proposal of marriage, the love of a man, his care and lots of gifts.


Rejoice and thank him for any sign of attention. Show weakness, let him be a man and take care of you. Osadchaya his small requests, be it to bring you food or take the car to the service station. Fool around and sometimes seem dumber than you really are.

To keep love and family – as HOSTESS

Mistress – land. The mistress is wise and endowed with great and conscious experience. The man will forever remain with her, because she represents for him, his family, his home and fortress. He respects her, loves and appreciates. The woman reveals this as his true destiny, the guardian of the hearth. She becomes a true partner in his personal life. The man will never leave his hearth and the woman who will be able to support it.


Always be at arm’s length – not to impose their advice, if you are not asked, but be careful, if you are asked. You just have to learn how to cook and equip your home with comfort, no matter what the budget is you have never been, if you want to save the marriage. Be aware of all the questions your men from work to the schedule of the qualifying round matches of his favorite soccer team.

And remember, at each stage, you need to connect different States, helping main condition. At the stage of attracting a Mistress for a while can change a Girl, Queen – Mistress, Mistress, Queen, etc. the Man should see his woman are different, that’s when his interest in her person is not extinguished.

Girls, it’s pretty simple and, at the same time, extremely difficult. To control yourself, to improve the day – a difficult task. But happy and harmonious relationships are worth it. But their is build and the main role in this is given to the female, so we created nature.

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