4 symptom of a neglected girl

4 признака неухоженной девушки 

Women tend to improve in appearance. Girls love elegant clothes, try to stick to proper nutrition, but not enough to be groomed. Today we will tell you what details spoil your total image and give you the mess.Smell from taolinkou can be considered our secret weapon. We are not talking about the refreshing means for oral cavity and healthy teeth. First you need to go to the doctor and get tested to find out the cause of bad breath, if it really bothers you. If your health is perfectly in order, then the smell is the result of poor hygiene. Do not neglect brushing your teeth after each food intake and it is recommended to periodically rinse your teeth with running water or drinking water. Quickly freshen your breath will help chewing gum or spray for the mouth. By the way, they are well represented in the pharmacy range, or even at the box office of conventional supermarkets. If you are against chemical products for fresh breath, you can chew a leaf of fresh mint or lemon balm, which can be found in the same supermarkets. Their action is such that when you chew, you begin to stand out essential oils.Cracked hubahuba cracks terribly unaesthetic spectacle. Even if you chic clothing and bright makeup, groomed lips spoil the whole look immediately. Especially the biggest failure lies in the fact, if chapped lips apply a light tone of lipstick. He will stress so much overinvest that the interviewee has nothing else you’ll see. When bright lipstick is hammered into the folds of the lips, it looks just awful. There is another point: in winter, lips need constant nutrition and hydration. As often as possible and apply to them the balm with vitamins A and E or oil — suitable coconut oil, Shea butter and Shea butter. Now cosmetic market appeared the lip scrub, which is very effectively prepares lips for application of declarative tools.Sloppy makeglobal people draws attention to the face. Badly dyed eyelashes, crumbling shadow n highlight the beauty of the eye, but rather the opposite. Don’t know how to solve the problem? We will tell you: before applying makeup be sure to use a moisturizer and then be sure to apply a primer under tone — it will extend the durability. Always carry in your purse a small mirror, and buy the oil blotting sheets — they come in handy to remove oily Shine from the face and brush it. A good habit is to carry a tone, lip gloss and mascara — with their help, you will be able to create a natural and refreshing makeup from scratch, if you haven’t managed to do it in the morning at home. Also recommend to buy a brush for tone, to an equal distribution over the skin and did not look mask.Groomed brevifolia few years, many beauty experts and makeup artists say that the broad and bushy eyebrows are fashionable and beautiful. Unfortunately there are cases where the concept of thick eyebrows are equated with neglect and the girls will simply not follow the shape of the eyebrows. If you are unable to care for eyebrows and do a neat shape, and now in beauty salons is widely represented services for the lamination of the eyebrows, and can also be long-lasting styling. After these procedures, your eyebrows will look aesthetically beautiful and well-groomed. This significantly changes the expression. These services are not expensive and the services of brovista — very common. After the procedure it is very important to continue to follow the eyebrows. After manipulations of the wizard, you will be able to adjust the form that you created. Another important element of skin care is peeling of the eyebrows. You have to massage the scrub not only the face but also go through the eyebrows to remove the remnants of the epidermis. Such manipulation helps the eyebrows grow faster.Also do not forget about proper nutrition to make your skin radiant from within.

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