4 things to watch out for at the Emmy Awards

4 things to watch out for at the Emmy Awards

Fans will watch the Emmy Awards for several reasons on Saturday. The list of winners is obviously of some interest, but due to the context in which this gala takes place (COVID-19, elections, forest fires, racial tensions), it could be relegated to the background.

Netflix and company

Internet viewing platforms dominate the nominations this year. Netflix leads the way with 160 mentions, a record. The global streaming giant is surpassing the usual Academy darling, HBO, which comes in at the second rung with 107 citations. NBC rounds out the top 3 with 47 nominations, proof that a general-interest channel can still produce good shows.

It will be interesting to compare the performance of video on demand services. Everything indicates that Netflix will be the winner, but Prime Video (31), Hulu (26), Disney + (19) and Apple TV + are also well placed to perform well.

Jimmy Kimmel will host the ceremony.

O Canada!

In recent years, several Quebec viewers have watched the Emmy to follow the performances of Jean-Marc Vallée, director of the American series Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects . The second season of Big Little Lies having been excluded from the major categories despite five nominations, our eyes will turn to Schitt's Creek , an excellent Canadian production of the CBC network which could conclude its incredible journey by shining on the side of comedies.

His brilliant quartet of actors (Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy and Dan Levy) certainly deserves some golden statuettes.

Watchmen's announced triumph

In a year where there is much talk of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial inequalities, it is difficult to see how the Academy could deprive Watchmen ( The Guardians ) of top honors on the limited series side. As inventive as it is poignant, this science fiction drama, which leads the way with 26 (!) Nominations, redefines the codes of superhero works.

We'll also keep an eye out for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (20 mentions), Ozark (18) and Succession (18), our pick (and prediction) to win Best Drama Series.

Watchmen's triumph is eagerly awaited.

The stars at home

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 edition of the Emmy Awards will be virtual. In other words, Jimmy Kimmel will host the ceremony in the heart of an empty Staples Center in Los Angeles.

As for the finalists, they will be at home, armed with state-of-the-art cameras provided by the Academy, so that they can take part in the celebrations from a distance.

A total of 130 cameras were distributed. Microphone, laptop and light ring included.

In Quebec, the organizers of the Prix Gémeaux (which will also take place on Sunday) considered this option at the start of preparations for the gala in early summer. They rejected it because it represented a management nightmare, not to mention a high potential for technical bugs.

It remains to be seen how the Americans will fare …

The 72're Emmy Awards will be presented Sunday at 20 pm on CTV and ABC.

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