40 years ago through water and ice

40 ans à travers l’eau et les glaces

Forty years to clear the ice didn’t slow the brothers Yves and Guy Gilbert, who took the start of the bassin Louise to the sides of the six members of their family, on Sunday at the boat race on ice, Québec winter Carnival.

Yves and Guy Gilbert, aged respectively 68 and 69, are in their 40th winter to tame the water through the ice on the St. Lawrence river.

If the activity has become a family passion, she draws, however, has its origin in a whim of the two patriarchs. Guy Gilbert was watching the race of the Carnival from his apartment, in the winter of 1980. Stung by curiosity, he called his brother, Yves, in the morning. The two, already lovers of the canoe, are decided : they will set off on the ice of the St. Lawrence river the following winter.

“We built our own canoe during the summer. The only problem is that we knew nothing ! “, recalls Guy. A crew of novices, in addition, they were now ready to sail. Or almost. “At our first practice, it was dressed with jeans and rain boots,” says Yves Gilbert.

“Just a party, it is all fell into the water up to the neck,” says Guy, pointing to the presence, in this crew, a “youngster” named John Anderson, who became a luminary of the sport.

“The face of the unknown “

The Gilbert is immediately charmed. They will spend the next 40 years to try to innovate constantly, both in relation to their equipment than in their approaches.

“It is an intellectual sport, very complicated. It is always in front of the unknown, therefore we never stop learning, ” observes Guy, to describe his passion.

Passing on the passion

Yves and Guy Gilbert have guided their daughter respective, Genevieve and Linda-Catherine, in their passion for the canoe to ice. Four other members of the family have also taken part in the race of the Carnival of Quebec.

This passion, the two brothers Gilbert were proudly passed on to their progeny, which was at number eight to take the start on Sunday on four boats different. “This is really a story I want to tell, do a little of what Yves and Guy have done. To clear, find solutions and move forward a little more in the world of the canoe “, tip Linda-Catherine Gilbert, the daughter of Guy, who has made a boat with his cousin Geneviève, daughter of Yves.

The Gilbert are a family of canoe to ice. It is from generation to generation, they have the passion, the canoe to ice. Everyone is talking about Gilbert ! ” says Manon Gaudreault, director of the circuit québécois de canot à glace.

The host of the show’s true nature, broadcast on TVA, Jean-Philippe Dion has paid a visit to the palace of Bonhomme, Sunday morning.

The other activities of the Carnival, Sunday, included a hockey tournament bottine in the district of Saint-Sauveur, a fair creative ephemeral in the Trait-Carré of Charlesbourg, and a family day outside the Centre Durocher.

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