4000 hotel rooms such as hospital rooms,

Up to 4000 hotel rooms may be required to relieve the network of the quebec health an influx of patients caused by the pandemic COVID-19, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

A government source confirmed that discussions are currently underway with hoteliers. According to the information obtained, it is not the case of COVID-19 which would be relocated in hotels. It could be the milder cases, we did one shown.

The minister of Health, Danielle McCann, said Tuesday that the cancellation of surgery would free 6000 18 000 beds in hospitals in quebec to receive possibly of patients affected by the pandemic.

Ms. McCann was also announced that the hotel sector could be put to work, without giving numbers.

The Association hôtelière du Québec (AHQ) Wednesday confirmed having received requests from the ministry of Health.

“The government asks us to receive cases of minors, people who are not infected, in order to relieve the hospitals,” said in the interview, the president of the Association, Xavier Gret.

Several hoteliers are willing to collaborate, has indicated the AHQ.


In the context where the pandemic has hit the tourism sector, the accommodation to patients would be also a source of revenue for hotel establishments.

“It is sure that it can serve as a lifeline to some institutions,” said Mr. Gret.

The health authorities in quebec have said hoteliers with what they need. According to Xavier Gret, hotels or motels chosen will have to have an on-site restaurant. The floors of the rooms should not be carpeted.

More details are yet to come. The AHQ said that a demand for 3000 to 4000 rooms was mentioned.

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