44-year-old Milla Jovovich showed markedly rounded belly on a Christmas photo

44-летняя Милла Йовович показала заметно округлившийся живот на новогоднем фото

Milla Jovovich today at the “peak of the discussion” is an American actress of Ukrainian origin (Milla was born in Kiev, at the age of 5 he moved with his parents to London, and then in the United States) is in her last month of pregnancy! December 17, Jovovich celebrated the birthday — the star of the film “5th element” has been 44 years. Moreover, in his microblog network instagram, the actress admitted she could give birth to this day! And generally the expectant mother of a third child in General considers it a miracle the fact of her pregnancy at age 44!

44-летняя Милла Йовович показала заметно округлившийся живот на новогоднем фото

So, on his page in the network instagram Jovovich posted a photo on a background decorated with Christmas trees, lighted lights. To the camera Milla posing half-turned, in a loose red dress with white polka dots. The tummy was rounded so much that it is no doubt the actress is about to have a third child. And although all the assumptions it could well happen in the day of her birth, all the baby decided not to disturb the star mother. And give her the opportunity to celebrate the 44th anniversary of serenity.

In honor of the feast Jovovich left appeal to fans of:

Who’s birthday? First of all, thank you all for the congratulations and best wishes to my big day today! I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel when I get so much love from all of you! I also wanna say that I’m extremely grateful for all the blessings today. To be at 44 pregnant is already a miracle! And to Wake up next to a bunch of donuts (the other should be literally…), and balloons from my amazing children is the most incredible feeling in the world! Today my heart is overflowing with gratitude!!! I send you all so much love”, a touching wrote Milla.

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