48 000 000 views! The owner asks the dog who ate the cat food. Attention to the facial expressions of the dog!

48 000 000 просмотров! Хозяин спрашивает у пёсика, кто съел кошачий корм. Внимание на мимику собаки!

“The dog — man’s best friend” — with this expression everyone is familiar with childhood.

It is so entered our everyday vocabulary that we do not think about where it came from, and since when is a four-legged dog was considered a true friend of the people. We will try to explain it to you! The thing is amazing psycho-emotional properties of these cute animals.

Dogs, as perhaps no other creature on the planet, attached to their owners. Our four-legged friends keenly feel any change in mood of the people. The dog owner is a friend and even something of God, because the animal likes it just for what it is. Known cases when the behavior of the owner about his dog left much to be desired, however, the dog continued to wag his tail when you look at it and consider it the best on earth.

After returning home, the owner found that someone had eaten the cat food. And it was not a cat. Need to find someone to blame. The owner decided to ask the dogs. And if the first suspect did not respond to the question, the second is behaving very suspiciously – guilty smile and hides his eyes.

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