48 French people in solitary confinement

    48 French people in solitary confinement

    “We checked 150 to 200 vehicles”, explained on Monday on RMC Jean Richert, chief of staff of the prefect of Doubs and also sub-prefect of the department: “48 people could not justify a negative PCR test and were placed in solitary confinement by prefectural decree “.

    “The counterpart of going skiing in Switzerland is to come back in good conditions which make it possible to verify that the virus is not circulating in France. And we prove it by presenting a negative test when returning from vacation “, adds Jean Richert.

    135 euros fine for non-compliance with the quarantine

    Because according to a decree of December 19, 2020, people returning from abroad must present proof of a Covid-19 screening test dating less than 72 hours demonstrating that they are not contaminated. Otherwise, they risk being “quarantined” or “kept in isolation”.

    Travel possibilities are limited to food shopping, administrative or legal summons and treatment procedures, including to carry out a test. A negative test ends the isolation. In the event of non-compliance with the quarantine, offenders incur a fine of 135 euros.

    Controls at the Swiss border should continue, warns the director of the cabinet: “Other controls will take place in the days to come, we will try to target the times most favorable to this type of passage and to the return of ski resorts. “.

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