5 awkward situations at work which you don’t should be ashamed

5 неловких ситуаций на работе, за которые вам не должно быть стыдно 

According to recent studies, people spend at work the greater part of his time, it is not surprising that many important points connected with the office and staff, whether it be love, a passionate romance, a strong friendship or even a conspiracy. And, as in any field, there may be certain moments, experiencing that again you are filled with a telling blush. About what “productive” things you should not be ashamed — in the material Passion.ru!Ignoring the requests of the boss and collectin of the moments for which you don’t have to feel a sense of shame, the refusal to comply with some request of the authorities or some employee especially if it is not included in your direct duties.You can clearly explain what you will agree to take an extra amount of work if you pay for it, but only after you perform your basic tasks.Don’t devalue yourself and your work, agreeing to someone else’s work pre-negotiate all the points and the size of the extra charge, otherwise, politely but firmly refuse the request.”A hike over the heads”of Course, no need to be a hateful bitch to be substituted by their colleagues at every opportunity, but do not forget that every man is the architect of his own happiness and to work you come in order to show excellent results and, accordingly, to move up the career ladder. Why you should refuse a promotion, but would not be considered an “upstart” and “career” in the team?Do as you see fit, and go to your goal, despite the dissatisfaction of colleagues (and in any case do not test the sense of shame that may inadvertently offend someone or to substitute).Refusal of overtime work and participation in intriguante — there’s nothing wrong with that you know how to distinguish between work and personal time, and at the same time refuse to take part in community life. No, you can of course visit the corporate and other activities, but with absolutely no obligation to participate in the office squabbles, intrigues, or gossip. No matter what the rest of the staff will be offended, requiring you to urgently decide on whose side you’re on.You can calmly explain your position and focus on her career and not on the struggle for power and the attention of management.As for the work overtime if the boss will agree to pay more if you can think of. Otherwise, give up, without experiencing the slightest sense of shame.Demanding higher, premiums and compensatingly you do not know how to sell yourself, you will never make a successful career. This is according to people who self-made his capital, earning the status through hard work and competent building relationships with others.So, if you have realized that he had outgrown his position and was ready to try a new, more ambitious and demanding role, do not be afraid to tell anybody about this.But at the same time discuss your salary according to your experience and achievements that are directly relevant to your organization.Also, don’t forget to demand compensation and bonuses, if you suddenly did something above and beyond what is included in your direct duties. And so in no case do not try the guilt trip thing that decided to “skip” work, citing ill, or embellished, what is your report ready, although you to it haven’t even started. This is all work issues are resolved quickly, so don’t cheat and shame.A passionate love affair with collegeedge if you tore the roof from contact with a cute employee from another Department and you quickly moved your relationship to a new level, and then just as quickly broke up (no one is immune from this), then you should not then go with guilty, worrying that someone might find out about your adventures.Psychologists remind us that relations between two people affect only the two of them and no matter how quickly your communication was beyond friendly and exactly what did you do, the important thing is that you both liked it.According to statistics, office romances end very quickly and it is important to do without recriminations, fights and… a sense of shame. Just thank the person for all the good that was between you, and move on with head held high

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