5 diseases that can be transmitted in the barbershop

As with any public place, Barber can be a breeding ground for infections.

5 хвороб, якими можна заразитися в перукарні

Coming for a haircut to bring its appearance in order, you risk to be in a hospital bed. Infection occurs if the tools that cut person, not disinfected at all, or poorly processed. To be safe, choose a proven hairdresser with a good reputation and watch out before cutting to master handled tools.

5 хвороб, якими можна заразитися в перукарні

What are the 5 diseases you can catch while cutting hair?


What is this disease? Is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Manifested by itching, rash and purulent acne. Infection can occur if the master poorly handled tools and they remained staph bacteria that will move to the skin of the next customer, informs Rus.Media.


This disease is manifested with red spots, flakes, hair loss. Dispatched when comb left fungus from the previous client. If ringworm is not treated in time, it has all the chances to remain ugly scars on the skin, and no hair.


This is a terrible disease that can be transmitted when using tools with a rusty elements. In the event of a scratch or small cut, the spores penetrate the skin. Tetanus is a deadly disease with mortality rates up to 25% at the high level of medicine.

5 хвороб, якими можна заразитися в перукарні


Lice is easily transmitted through the comb and scissors, which were nits or lice. The main symptom – itching. Lice are not fatal, but it is a very unpleasant phenomenon.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis b can be transmitted not only during a manicure and pedicure, and during the haircut. This happens when using poorly processed instruments in case of a cut.