5 female habits that repel men

5 женских привычек, которые отпугивают мужчин

Things were going so well…Sometimes men have persistently sought female attention, but after a first date gone forever. As not to startle his chosen in the beginning of the relationship?Loud smekhnova psychologists say that men are annoying loud female laughter. Therefore, experts advise ladies to control their emotions and gestures. It is very important to make it clear to the man that he is witty and he is easy to make you laugh, but everything is good in moderation.Razgovarali want of the relationship — talking on General topics. The man should see in you a partner, a soul mate. If your companion all night to listen to a monologue about the former, and beloved kitty, the chances of the next meeting will be minimal.Internetmagazin frankly annoyed by women who constantly “stick” in the phone. Focus on communication in the eye. It is not necessary to answer in messengers on a date, show your profile in Instagram comment on the photo and respond to every beep of the smartphone. Let the whole world wait until you two.Everyone has their own Tarakanova do not climb to him in a plate. Assault on the male food, even “just to try” or “just one piece” in one second I will multiply your chances to eat in deep solitude. Man is a predator, and his plate production. Not to take, but to feed and domesticate is the best tactic.And the phone rang again…If your relationship only gaining momentum, not try to strangle the man attention. Very often males get scared and run away from the annoying and hyperactive girls. You just “banned” and move on. Women’s attention should be a reward, not a burden. It is reported by “Rambler”. Next: https://woman.rambler.ru/psychology/43146256/?utm_content=rwoman&utm_medium=read_more&utm_source=copylink

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