5 Golden rules of a true lady

5 золотых правил истинной леди 

What is the difference between an ordinary woman and a true lady? A lady never, under any circumstances, allow myself to look unkempt and sloppy. It is not planned out of the house is not an excuse for a whole day to go unwashed and unkempt in her nightgown.Just because perfection is first and foremost for themselves and then to others. Here are a few mandatory rules that lady Holy strictly followed. Following them will allow you to always be on top.Manicure lady always manicured. Even if she allowed herself a whim to dig in the garden. Well-maintained, this means a mandatory manicure. No, it is not naroscheny nails with rhinestones that has long been considered bad manners. The word manicure is of Latin origin: manus “hand” cure “to worry; to care; to treat”. About the colorful nail Polish there is no question, but on General grooming is. So the nail lady varnished with natural colours, better transparent, so you can judge their health.Macugnaga military colorings. Especially in the daytime. The principle is the same as with the hands, a lady must look healthy and natural. So the makeup highlights the best features and disguises unfavorable nuances, while not evident to others. Special attention should be paid to the selection of tonal resources. Their purpose is to align the skin and remain invisible. For this reason, it is better to give preference to modern means such as concealers, vibes, BB creams. They have to be the same color as your skin. Compare after applying the face and neck, there is no difference — tone is chosen correctly.Aboveabove lady clean always. Even if the street the rain and mud knee-deep. Lady just not going to measure the puddles in this weather. But if such need happens, no one will ever know it. Constant presence in the bag of wet wipes will allow you to quickly solve the problem.Pedicured foot is the same as for hands. Nails clean, healthy, lacquered, natural colors, heels soft and pink as a baby.Intimate soprirodny naturalness has nothing to do with the return to his obezyana past. Therefore, the hair should be only on the head. Clean and well maintained. In other places they shouldn’t be. Never. Even if you go on reception to the doctor or went to hospital by ambulance. Funds in order to get rid of unwanted vegetation, mass. And it should be done constantly, not only before the scheduled date. Yes, bodypositive it’s not for the ladies, never mix these two concepts.

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