5 health problems resulting from seeds

5 проблем со здоровьем, возникающих из-за семечек

Biting the seeds can be a factor of a number of problems with the body. According to experts, the seeds should not be daily products.

In particular, seeds threaten the integrity of tooth enamel and teeth. When the seeds crack teeth, it contributes to a negative process of thinning of the enamel, with grains often get stuck in Mizuno space, causing the development of caries.

Seeds that fall on the shelves with production lines, can contain cadmium, and thus a bad influence on the heart, warned the experts. Moreover, the seeds inhibit the vocal chords.

Keep in mind that sunflower seeds, eaten in large quantity, can cause heartburn to worsen the condition of the digestive tract. And also that the plantations of sunflowers exposed to the exhaust gases from the road tracks, in which they grow. Threat to cells in the human body of substances that can penetrate at the same time in seeds, especially damaging to kidneys and bone.

Physicians note and the fact that the sunflower seed contains a lot of phosphorus – substances that can adversely affect the kidneys, and the brain, cause vascular spasm. In turn, experts from the University of Michigan shared data that seeds may contain traces of mycotoxins produced by the mold, the most dangerous of which is aflatoxin. These toxins are very dangerous for the liver, under their influence may even develop cancer.


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