5 phrases that need to talk every day to attract happiness

Repeat these phrases daily.

5 фраз, які потрібно говорити щодня, щоб привернути щастя

What is happiness? Each puts something in the sense of the word. However, we all strive for a slice of our happiness is always present in our lives. And in this case very important our attitude and way of thinking. There are a few magic phrases that help us to change lives for the better and fill it with bright colors, informs Rus.Media.

I deserve (deserve)

Don’t back down from their aspirations. Perhaps at the moment your dreams seem unattainable. But don’t let that become a hindrance to you. Daily tell yourself that you are worthy of success and bright future. Don’t criticize yourself for mistakes and failures. Learn from them. Remember, you are worthy and deserve only the best.

I love myself

Many men are very critical. But if you want to be happy, the first thing to come to harmony with itself. Turn your weaknesses into strengths. The pros are looking for. Not necessary to be critical of their appearance, to their failures. After all, it leads to destructiveness and uncertainty. Remember, you are wonderful. Often say that love yourself.

I’ll do it now

We all love to procrastinate some things. But such behavior is often addictive. In the end, it all leads to depression and insecurity. Learn to motivate yourself. This applies to both work and learning and leisure. Chase laziness and doubt.

I am responsible for their happiness

The only person who can make you happy is yourself. In life anything can happen. However, you should not shift the responsibility for happiness on someone else. So you risk to turn into an angry person who just complains about destiny. Try to think positively in any situation. Don’t give up hope. Remember that you are responsible for your happiness.
I can

Sometimes the fear of failure and defeat is so great, that people do not even dare to try. Set yourself to good thoughts. Tell yourself that you can overcome all obstacles on the way to the dream. Because in the end, if you do not try, your chances of success will obviously be zero. Use all the chances. You definitely can.