5 projects that will transform Paris in 2021

    5 projects that will transform Paris in 2021

    1. The Duo towers

    Great news and not the least since two new skyscrapers will dominate the capital. Nestled on a plot between the ring road and the 8th district railway tracks, Les tours Duo will be 180 m high for one and 122 m for the other. Asymmetrical and sloping, the astonishing real estate complex designed by architect Jean Nouvel will house offices as well as a 4-star hotel with restaurant and panoramic bar for a total of 100,000 m2. The end of the work is scheduled for September 2021.

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    2. The modernized Grand Palais

    “The roofing work has already started. But the real work will start in March 2021 ”, warns François Chatillon, chief architect of historical monuments to our colleagues from Parisian. It is at the Grand Palais, in this glass and iron monument that the fencing and taekwondo events of the 2024 Olympic Games will take place. all obsolete elements will be modernized. We can’t wait to see the result!

    3. Two new metro stations

    After line 14, it is line 4 which should know an extension to the south of Paris. Two new stations will be created by the end of the year. The first station named Barbara (in homage to the singer) will be located on the edge of Montrouge and Bagneux while the second named Lucie-Aubrac will be the terminus in the Victor-Hugo district of Bagneux. Several improvements will take place during 2021 with the laying of tracks, installation of systems, improvements to stations and the future train repair center.

    4. A market gardening city

    After many works, the opening of the market gardening city of Romainville in the 93 will finally open its doors in 2021. Launched 10 years ago, this large vertical farming project plans to produce 4 tonnes of mushrooms and 12 tonnes of fruit and vegetables per year, all in two vertical greenhouses located in the heart of the Marcel-Cachin district. You have been warned!

    5. The first buildings of the Olympic Village

    The year 2021 will be very important in the race against the clock of the 2024 Olympics. The first constructions will also begin on the construction site of future Olympic village in Seine-Saint-Denis. On the program: 51 hectares straddling Saint-Ouen, L’Ile-Saint-Denis, Saint-Denis and along the Seine. This Olympic village will welcome the athletes and their companions during the Games and will then be transformed into a district of 2,200 housing units as well as a student residence.

    5 projects that will transform Paris in 2021

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