5 real reasons why men cheat on their girls

5 настоящих причин, почему мужчины изменяют своим девушкам

I never understood why people cheat. No, I understand why they want to change, but I don’t understand why they still do it. After all, it never ends well — for anyone. All remain in the red.

For treason there is no good reason. And there is always the best option — do not change. It is not so that to your head put the muzzle of the gun and say that if you do not change your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will die. If so, then okay — cheating is acceptable.

Otherwise, no excuse. To change incorrectly. It has always been, and always will be. But you know that. What you may not know is that there are two basic types of cheaters: those who know that the act is wrong and do it anyway, and those who believe that not doing anything bad. Even those people who generally condemn infidelity, always find excuses for your actions.

But the reasons why people cheat can be a lot. And since I’m a man, you gonna stop right on why the representatives of my gender change to my choice.

1. Because they are assholes.

Good men are still there, but assholes twice. Some guys like to use women. They are ready to tell them all that they want to hear. They feed them with promises. They make them feel special. They pretend that you sincerely care of them. But really they just want to keep you close by for regular sex.

They can meet with you as the “main” girl, but regularly find yourself someone else. They are masters of disguise and will do anything to make you suspect nothing. And when the suspect will remain with a broken heart, they will cross and go on as if nothing had happened.

2. Because they are insecure.

Some guys aren’t complete assholes, they’re just not very self-confident. So it’s not that he didn’t love you. He loves. He’s just so afraid of losing you, so afraid that you canhim to change that decides to get ahead of you and insure.

Silly, really. But I know a lot of such cases. Insecure men are too afraid to be those who will leave, who will break my heart.

3. Because they don’t understand how valuable what they have.

No wonder they say that we appreciate when we lose. And although this is not a good excuse, the youth and inexperience often leads to cheating. People are not fully aware of what they found, thinking that can find the better.

And it’s awful. I feel sorry for these men. Just imagine: to change the woman you love, only to realize how strong your feelings are, but when you have nothing to be able to fix?!

4. Because they are weak.

Men are incredibly weak. Maybe because we are easy. It is easier for us to get a better job, we tend to pay more, we don’t need to have children, not have to suffer as women. And because we have no experience of fighting, like women.

Men can be physically strong, but psychologically weak. They have no self — control, especially against women. They easily succumb to the desire of the body.

It’s not a good excuse, though, and not a sign that he doesn’t like you. But you have to ask yourself: do you really need such a weak man?

5. Because they lack the courage to admit that they have fallen out of love.

Unfortunately, not all love lasts forever. And the worst thing that one person can continue to love, and the second is not. Love is incredibly psychologically complex. And you can’t make no one love you. You can’t ask about it. Can’t beg. Love is a choice. If he chose not to love you, you need to accept it and move on.

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