5 secret points on your body that you didn’t know

5 secrets of the body.

5 секретних точок на тілі, про які ви не знали

It’s time for us to explore our body, reports Rus.Media. I hope that, as always, will be very exciting and interesting. Don’t know what are you going to do with it.

“These 5 points on your body that you didn’t know. We will talk about the point that will help you to fall asleep in 5 minutes, as well as the point that will quickly save you a headache. And the point, after which pressing any girl would be “happy””

1. The pain in the head. The point is between the thumb and index finger at the intersection of bones.

2. How to relax any girl? Just massage the palm of your hand.

3. The point of sleep. The point, which is struggling with insomnia, this point is located on the bottom of the foot, exactly in the middle of the foot.

4. “Point of heat” — pillow top knuckle of the middle finger.

5. The point of sexuality — the middle of the nail of the ring finger.

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