5 sex positions women hate!

The survey caught five popular sex positions.

5 секс-поз, які жінки ненавидять!

It would seem, how can you not love one sex position? All sex positions beautiful, they are sex! But, as the survey showed, women have a different opinion.

The survey involved 1,200 women. They were asked to specify their likes and dislikes in sex, to name a few favorite and least favorite sex positions. Get ready to learn the truth, after which sex will never be the same (at least for a few days, until you forget about this stuff).

So, five favorite female sex positions in descending order.


When questioned, the girls said that it is impossible to satisfy and have fun. But we have a counter, with which you can not argue: pose of “69” saves time!

Missionary position

Not popular because of the inability of some men to properly bear weight on the hands. So carefully watch where the majority of your body during missionary lovemaking. Perhaps the girl’s face contorted not in pleasure, but from fear of being crushed.

On the contrary rider

But this is good news — not that we men and value this position. Of course, a review, back partner good. Still, nature is not conceived that the penis was inclined at such an angle.


Cruel blow! Because this pose allows us to enjoy lying down and practically doing nothing! But as it turned out, the girls, among them — will not believe — often insecure, don’t really want to be the center of your attention. Will have to resort to drastic measures — turn off the light.

A man behind

Since the posture in which the woman is on all fours and the man enters her from behind, especially deep penetration, you may accidentally reach the cervix and thus to give a girl not the most pleasant moments. So our advice to you: in the posture of the rear be very careful.

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