5 signs that a husband is very close to treason

5 признаков, что муж очень близок к измене

Cheating husband this is a nightmare on willow for any fairer sex. Even the happiest wives sometimes wonder whether their spouse to keep them faithful to the end. We suggest you not to speculate, but to analyze, in everyday behavior men hid the keys to all the clues. Carefully observing, you will be able to recognize warning signals and prevent the betrayal of her husband. But do not overdo it with suspicion – sometimes circumstances are not what they seem at first glance.

We offer you to look at the main signs that my husband is very close to treason

Sign №1 Mysterious phone calls – the premise of her husband’s infidelity

Previously, he was fluent on the phone in your presence, and now he suddenly needed privacy? This is a serious occasion to reflect. Unobtrusive ask the wife, who called him and what were the conversation. If he starts to play up, embarrassed to make excuses or get angry is not a good sign. But too smooth, as if rehearsed explanation can hide a disappointing truth.

Don’t be afraid to discuss the exciting topic, it is much better than to torment himself with guesses. Unspoken claim tend to accumulate and result in a big fight. Therefore, a direct and open conversation is the best option in this situation.

Suppose, beloved said to you in the usual manner and logically explained the reason for its secrecy. Can slightly relax and watch his further action. If the situation is repeated a maximum of two or three times, then all is well. But when a private communication by phone is becoming a tradition, there comes a time for decisive action. To get to the truth, look yourself in his cell phone of course, if it does not conflict with your ethical principles.

Sign No. 2 Frequent absence signal potential of male infidelity

Work overtime, a corporate party “for employees only”, fishing trips – all classic methods of masking an affair. I do not advise to open surveillance of the husband, and especially to ask about this service of acquaintances. You are a professional detective and your covert operation sooner or later fail, and strangers may begin to gossip. Imagine your better half finds out from third parties about the fact that his wife was following him. Does he like it?

As in the previous situation, we should act honestly. Directly ask the burning questions and watch for a reaction. If a man loves you, you will certainly figure out how to make it so that you didn’t worry. Probably at first he misbehaved, but within a few hours needs to wise up and calm you down. Prolonged negative reaction or ignoring the problem – a sure indication that your better half has evil intentions.

Sign No. 3 the Lack of sex – ambiguous signs of infidelity husband

5 признаков, что муж очень близок к измене

Sex is the Foundation of relations between a man and a woman. Bad if one person of a pair systematically avoids proximity or even cease to get pleasure from it. At this moment the Foundation gives a huge crack. But! Avoidance of intimacy points to a cheating husband, only if you have valid reason. Maybe the man just going through a difficult period in life, tired in the service, nervous about something or sick. Then he needs from you is support, not attacks. And, Yes, maybe he now doesn’t bedding comfort.

Sign №4 – Before the cheating husbands strenuously to follow the appearance

The coincidence of points No. 3 and No. 4 is a sure evidence of the imminent betrayal of her husband. Sometimes all I want to add pathos to his style, to make a new haircut or buy expensive perfume. But in these times man can not be depressed and powerless. Therefore, if the husband suddenly began to smarten up, and you sleep separately, so their metamorphoses, he devotes not exactly you. But be careful: some men are just used to follow him even in the difficult years – and it’s great! If a loved one was a real dandy from the day of your experience, you can exhale with relief, most likely, you are correct.

Sign No. 5 Double social life is a good reason to suspect her husband of infidelity

An honest man does not happen the secret phone numbers, email addresses and profiles in social networks. If you accidentally ran into one of the above, call the double agent to the answer – let’s not only tell, but also show the correspondence and call logs. Maybe you just found him in an abandoned mailbox – then the spouse got nothing to hide, and he hastened to allay the fears. Sadly, if your favorite will respond to your call irritation – thus he will sign in their own infidelity.

What to do if you are caught husband cheating, or planning

An avid cheater in most cases carefully disguised his intentions from the second halves. But as you know, all secret becomes obvious. Very few people under force to lead a double life for a long time – if your man is not an experienced secret agent, then be sure to give yourself away. You only need to look at both and to eradicate the habit to close their eyes to uncomfortable truths.

So you’ve established that the spouse wants to “go left.” Start the conversation with direct or veiled accusations, because there is a likelihood that you are still wrong. Your overly passionate replicas can hurt the man. He will understand that you don’t trust him, and doubt your love. Be patient and restrained – just in this state, you will be able to maintain the ability to think clearly.

Remember that wanting and doing are not one and the same. In our society it is accepted to consider men less emotional than women, but it is not. The so-called weaker sex at times shows even greater stability and composure. This means that a spouse, think about another woman after domestic dispute, may make up their minds. He may even regret his mental betrayal, will be especially tender and sensitive to the legitimate wife. Take care of your marriage, always try to understand each other and give a second chance only to those who deserves it!

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