5 simple methods to win every argument

5 нехитрых приемов выиграть любой спор

You may be right in your position to have a huge amount of arguments in your favor, whatever the situation. But it happens that the other person does not want to agree with you and turns into the opponent. For such cases, the correspondent of news Agency “Express news” a selection of techniques, armed with which you will be able to win in any dispute.1. If, nevertheless, it so happened that in righteousness you are sure not completely, then at least pretend that it is actually the opposite. Avoid using phrases such as “I think” or “I think”. Experts in communication say that such expressions, exposing your self to doubt, give the opportunity to your opponent to challenge them. And here is the statement of pure facts and support their solid tone rather make him doubt his position.2. If you want to drive your opponent into the corner, then choose those places in his arguments where he is wrong and you know it. For example, he mixed up some facts.All you need to do is to begin to criticize your opponent for making such mistakes, so as not to give him the opportunity to think about the next phrase he was going to tell you.3. You can create a barrier. Keep some object in the hand during an argument. For example, a phone or keys. Them you shut out the opposing arguments, and then they will not be able to hurt you. In addition, your opponent will begin to think that you just don’t pay attention, and tusuetsya.4. It is important to give your opponent the feeling of your power over him. Remember how the President or Professor. Stand in an open and confident posture, but if your opponent is sitting — just stand up.5. A powerful course in a dispute specialists of the negotiation process is considered a sham concessions. Do not waste time on a long and pointless discussion of the same with the rested.Better smile and say that I agree with the idea of your opponent.This sentence usually makes it clear that you don’t actually agree, but to continue the dispute after it does not make sense. Then your opponent will tusuetsja, and you will be able with new strength to continue his thought.The most important thing in any dispute is to control yourself and not overdo it. If we talk more than necessary, the effect will be counterproductive, so if you feel that you find it difficult to solve a case with your companion peacefully, remember the Arsenal of techniques of the winner and move on.

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