5 symptoms will help you to recognize diabetes. Every minute counts!

5 симптомов помогут тебе распознать диабет. Важна каждая минута!

The number of people who suffer from diabetes is increasing every year several times. Alarming rates of this disease in the world becoming epidemic. The main reason is increased level of sugar in the blood, which leads to failures throughout the body.

The causes of disease quite a lot. However, most people just can’t recognize the signs and symptoms of diabetes at early stages.

There are several warning, which will help you to pay attention to the condition. Here they are.

The first signs of diabetes

  1. Vision improvement
    Although it is accepted that diabetes reduces vision, there are cases when the opposite is happening. The reason is the increased hydration of the eyes. So if you often forget about points and measure the sugar level in the blood.
  2. Hearing loss
    Studies show that at the initial stage of diabetes, the increased blood sugar levels, a person loses up to 30 % hearing. This occurs because of damage to nerves and blood vessels in the ears which leads to hearing loss.
  3. Constant thirst
    Simply put, when the body senses excess sugar, it gets rid of it leaching, but this requires large amounts of water. Feel constant thirst? Faster go to the doctor!
  4. Constant itching
    Dry skin and constant itching — chronic companions of diabetes. If moisturizing creams and lotions do not help, it’s time to go to the doctor.
  5. Skin condition
    Or to be more precise, the deterioration of the condition. Diabetes can cause skin problems, which can be compared with age. High levels of sugar in the blood causes the growth of skin cells and melanin, which affects the appearance of the skin and leads to the formation of dark spots on the knuckles, elbows and the back of the neck.The data are especially noticeable symptoms of diabetes in women. However, these problems can be solved, if the time to go to the doctor for help.

Forewarned is forearmed. These little tips will help you in time to pay attention to your health and to avoid the consequences of a serious illness called “diabetes”.

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